What to do in Chiavari

A piece of advice about what to do in Chiavari: •enjoy the ligurian sea, the sun and the air •Have a peaceful walk under the portici (even if it’s raining you can walk a lot without getting wet!) while eating a good slice of focaccia •Visit botanical garden of Villa Rocca and allow yourself some relaxing hours in the plants shade •Enter one of the many traditional trattorie and osterie and taste some typical food : farinata, minestrone, frisceu, trofie al pesto o alla salsa di noci, cappon magro, cima alla genovese, torta pasqualina, testaieu…and many other pleasures! •Give a look and look for a good occasion at the mercatino dell’antiquariato (every 2nd saturday) •Visit the museums: Museo archeologico per la preistoria e la protostoria del Tigullio, Museo di Fisica e meteo-sismologia, Museo diocesano d’arte sacra, Museo storico del Risorgimento, Galleria civica di Palazzo Rocca e la Società Economica. •Have a short walk to the castle, (city emblem)..and eventually proceed along the “5 Towers path” to take some suggesting picture •Visit some artist and wood carvers workshop, buy a Chiavarina (A beautiful, typical, lightweight chair from Chiavari) •Discover the city historical buildings and monuments. •Go shopping in the shops and stores along the Carrugio Dritto •Celebrations, festivals, traditions etc